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  • Part No. 3319 - Alignment Kit For Riser Block

Alignment Kit

Older machines require this alignment Kit to install the Riser Block correctly.  This kit is purchased by the customer, however, the complete kit can be returned to the supplier for a full refund.

If you would prefer to keep all or part of this kit, just return the pieces you don't want (if any) and only these items will be refunded.


    1. You are responsible for the shipping costs in returning the Alignment Kit.

    2. Please call the supplier prior to returning the Kit.

    3. If you would like to keep any of the Alignment Kit, call the supplier for details.

Package Includes:

        -Spindle Extension

        -Indicator Bracket

        -M6 x 35 Flathead Screws (2) with Nuts

        -3" Faceplate

        -Faceplate Adaptor

        -Dial Indicators (2)

        -3mm Hex Key

Part No. 3319 - Alignment Kit For Riser Block

  • Product Code: 3319
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  • $298.94

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