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  • Part No. 3920 - Vari-Grind 2 (with Base)

The Vari-Grind 2 features all of the benefits of the original Vari-Grind, but increases ease of use and safety.  The Vari-Grind 2 restrains both the side-to-side motion of the tool, as well as the pivot point so that the tool cannot slip in either direction. 


This part number is supplied with a base, which is ideal for people not already owning the Wolverine Grinding Jig.

If you already own the Wolverine Grinding Jig, purchase part # 3900 and receive it without the base. 


Sharpens tools up to 3/4" dia.  

Sharpens up to 3/4" dia tools.

Part No. 3920 - Vari-Grind 2 (with Base)

  • Product Code: 3920
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  • $123.97

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