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Live Center Adaptors


ONEWAY have developed a quick and easy way to precisely center a bowl in order to hollow it out. This is achieved using a Live Center Adaptor.

How do I precisely center a bowl?

These adaptors are threaded to screw onto your ONEWAY Live Center, effectively changing the ¾ - 10 thread (of the Live Center) to the same thread as your spindle. With one of these adaptors, a very precise centering method can be used:

  1. Attach a bowl blank to a faceplate.
  2. Turn the outside of the bowl, including a foot (or tennon) to chuck it on.
  3. Using the Live Center adaptor, attach a chuck or faceplate to the Live Center.
  4. Move the tailstock (with the Live Center / chuck assembly attached) up to the bowl, and grab the foot or tennon on the bowl while it is still attached to the faceplate and lathe.
  5. Remove the faceplate, bowl blank and chuck from the lathe.
  6. Remove the faceplate from the bowl blank.

You can now screw the chuck onto the headstock, and your bowl will be very precisely centered and ready to be hollowed out or cored.

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