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"I have owned many lathes over my lifetime and never found one to top the Oneway."  Tom Soles

"The best lathe in the world!”  Michael Hosaluk

Advice to his students….“Don’t buy a Oneway lathe. If you buy anything else and something goes wrong with your turning, you can always blame the lathe.”  Clay Foster

"The Rolls-Royce of Lathes."  Greg Biros, as quoted in Martha Stewart Living article.

“As far as a lathe goes, Oneway lathes are the finest manufactured lathes there are” Phil Brennion, former AAW President.

"More than any other lathe I¹ve used, the Oneway seems to disappear as I¹m turning. This allows me to concentrate on the work rather than overcoming the deficiencies of a machine .  Al Stirt

“As a stoneturner, my Oneway lathe performs fantastically. Stone has a lot of weight, my 2436 has the mass to handle it, and to provide solid performance. I use my lathe every day, and couldn’t live without it.” Steve (Spike) Finch, Stoneturner

"World's Best Lathe, extreme quality construction.”  RX Sport (Baseball bat manufacturers)

"I've helped organize the AAW symposium since 2006, a job made easier by the generosity of leading lathe manufacturers.  Every year more AAW demonstrators ask for a ONEWAY lathe than any other.  Last year our demonstrators requested ONEWAY lathes more than all other lathes combined.Special thanks to ONEWAY for supporting AAW! As a ONEWAY owner, I appreciate the value of a well designed machine. My 2436 has made two trips to  the Florida Symposium for visiting turners. A great machine supplied by friendly, competent people."  Al Hockenbery