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ll chucks and their accessories are manufactured in Stratford, Canada.

We take great pride in the quality of our products and believe in offering a superior product at a reasonable price.


Our chucks have been designed by a machinist with engineering input from material, heat treating, and plating specialists in order to satisfy the wood turner's every need.

Four jaws allow clamping of square or round stock.

Internal or external clamping on your piece is possible.

Self-centering jaws allow maximum ease of setup.


  • Less time spent getting ready to turn and more time spent turning means more finished projects, less frustration and more fun
  • Finished projects can be completed mark free
  • Adding accessories increases versatility

The following features are standard on our chucks:

  • quality materials
  • nickel plated body
  • hardened base jaws
  • manganese phosphate coated scroll
  • include our patented over extension prevention system for added safety which prevents the base jaws from coming loose during operation