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Vacuum Chucking

Cyclone Vacuum Chucking System

Vacuum chucking is one of those things that has to be seen to be believed. Put your piece on the drum chuck, turn on the vacuum and turn on your lathe. Your piece is held quickly and securely. Work is not marked and can be removed instantly when the vacuum is turned off.

With this set up you will be able to add a professional touch quickly and easily to almost all your work.

Vacuum chucking requires four main items (each sold separately):

  • Drum Chucks - four sizes available
  • Rotary Adaptor
  • Gauge Kit (optional)
  • Vacuum Pump (Not sold by Oneway)

Drum Chucks

ONEWAY Drum Chucks are manufactured from a solid block of aluminum. They are nonporous and will never rust which is a must for vacuum applications.

Vacuum Adaptor

This clever piece of machinery is the key to a good vacuum system. It allows a vacuum to be drawn through it, while preventing the hose from spinning with the spindle.

Gauge Kit

The gauge kit contains everything you need to measure how much mercury you are drawing.

Vacuum Pump

In order to turn using vacuum, you will need a vacuum pump and/or motor. 

Important Note

To use these products your spindle must:

  • have a through hole
  • be threaded at the outboard end
  • have no cross holes drilled