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Drum Chucks

High quality aluminum chucks for all your vacuum turning needs!

Our Drum Chucks - 3½ inch, 5½ inch, 8 inch & 12 inch

ONEWAY Drum Chucks are manufactured from a solid block of aluminum. They are nonporous and will never rust - which is a must for vacuum applications.

These chucks are supplied with a ring of neoprene which is applied to the rim of the chuck so it will conform to slightly out of round pieces.

We currently offer the Drum Chucks in FOUR sizes.


It's small size makes it extremely versatile as it can fit almost any lathe, large or small. It is just like it's larger counter-parts, just smaller. It comes with a former (lid), Taper-Lock Adaptor, & Neoprene.

Weight: 2.4 lbs

An excellent application for this Chuck is turning small sphere's e.g. croquet balls.


We recommend that you start with this size as it is the most versatile for bowls. It's great for bowls with the largest diameter of 6 inches or more - for anything smaller use the 3½" Drum Chuck.

Weight: 6.4 lbs


This is the largest of our Drum Chucks. Due to it's size, it cannot be used on pieces less than 8" in diameter.

Weight: 11.8 lbs

This drum chuck is great for large bowls and platters.


This large beast is manufactured from a cast aluminum block. An amazing amount of vacuum is created due to it's extremely large volume. It's an excellent choice for turning large bowls and platters.

Important Note: This Drum Chuck does not come with a former like the other sizes, but does include a 12" neoprene ring, taper-lock adaptor, and a removal lever.


  • nonporous
  • always true
  • long lasting
  • fits most lathes


For safety we recommend always to use the largest chuck that a piece will fit.

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