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Vacuum Adaptor

This clever piece of machinery is the key to a good vacuum system. It allows a vacuum to be drawn through it, while preventing the hose from spinning with the spindle.

Also known as the Vacuum Chuck Adaptor, our Vacuum Adaptors are an excellent quality, low cost product. Their double bearing design ensures both rigidity and dependability.

An exterior combination of manganese phosphate (black) and nickel plating (silver) not only make this adaptor aesthetically pleasing, but extremely durable and long lasting.


To use this product your spindle must:

  • Have a through hole
  • Be threaded at the outboard end
  • Have no cross holes drilled


Included with the Drum Chucks and Rotary Adaptor is a Taper-Lock Adaptor, this is the same adaptor used with our Stronghold chucks. Adaptors can be made to fit almost any spindle size.

If you ever purchase a new lathe, or want to use these accessories on a different lathe, it is as simple as purchasing a new adaptor.

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Part No. 2733 - Vacuum Chuck Adaptor (03XX REQ'D)

Part No. 2733 - Vacuum Chuck Adaptor (03XX REQ'D)

PACKAGE INCLUDESVacuum AdaptorTaper-Lock Adaptor (packaged separately)Removal Lever4mm Allen KeyScre..


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