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Dressing Jig

Provides the Turner with a simple and exact tool for the precision dressing and truing of grinding wheels.

Grinding wheels must be regularly dressed to keep them sharp and clean. This is because grinding wheels are like sandpaper, they both become dull with use. The grit breaks down and becomes dull and worn.

If grinding wheels are not sharp, they begin rubbing rather than cutting, which results in increased friction. This in turn can result in burned tools due to the overheating.

Wheels must also be kept free from metal particles that build up during sharpening. Like sandpaper that gets clogged with sawdust during sanding, grinding wheels become clogged with metal particles during grinding.

Our Dressing System consists of a Support Arm, and a sturdy Holder in which the Diamond is placed.

The Support Arm slides into the WOLVERINE Grinding Jig base. The Holder is mounted into the Support Arm. A fine adjustment knob positions the diamond in relation to the wheel. Dressing the wheel in the required 0.001" increments is easily accomplished by turning the knob by one quarter turns. Only minimal care is needed for even finer increments.

ONEWAY's Dressing system is the only dresser on the market that allows controlled removal of this minute amount of material. Because the Dressing Jig removes such small amounts, your grinding wheels will last much longer. Expensive wheels become a better investment.

After dressing with the Dressing Jig your wheels will be round, clean, and sharp. They will cut faster, cooler and finer. You will get a better finish on tools than anything you have ever experienced. Your tools will have sharper edges, smoother bevels, and all this will be done with less burning.


The diamond provided with the WOLVERINE dressing attachment is a premium 1/4 carat non-re-settable diamond. The sharp angular structure will be retained if properly used. It is expensive, but the best.

For optimal performance, the diamond should be turned in its holder at regular intervals - a good target is to turn it after 10 or more uses.

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