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  • Part No. 2291 - Wolverine Grinding Jig (complete)

Complete Kit includes 2 bases, V-arm and Platform.  (V-Arm measures 27 1/2" long and Platform measures 3" x 5" x 1/4" thick)

Grinding Tip:

If you are working with a tool that will need to be resharpened several times, leave the V-Arm clamped in place.  By doing this, you can rapidly reproduce an identical bevel angle.  You can also sharpen the tool before you put it away so that your tools will always be sharp wile removing only a minimal amount of material.


Use the V-Arm to sharpen Gouges (check out our Vari-Grind - part # 2480 or Vari-Grind 2 - part # 3900 for improved grinding of side grinds and fingernail shapes),  Carpenter Chisels, Skews (or check out or Skew Grinding Jig - part number 2690) and some small carving tools.


Use the Platform for Scrapers and Parting Tools.  There is also a mini-platform - part # 3945 available. 


Part No. 2291 - Wolverine Grinding Jig (complete)

  • Product Code: 2291
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