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Thread-Lok Ferrules

Use these great innovative new ferrules to make your own turning tools!

These ingeniously designed ferrules allow you to use your personal tool handle designs to create your own unique turning tools.

We are quite excited about the product as it allows double ended gouges to be used in wooden handles.

Using the Thread-Lok™ ferrules allows the gouge to be removed for easy sharpening with the vari-grind attachment. Some tools can be very difficult to grind when they are in the handle as they are very long and the handle gets in the way. Using the Thread-Lok™ system will make sharpening your tools easier and a more enjoyable experience.

What sizes are available?

They in four different sizes ranging from 1/4" to 5/8" (in 1/8" increments).

What material is used in the construction?

The Thread-Lok™ ferrules are machined from a solid piece of aluminum. They are then red iodized for appearance.

How do they work?

The ferrules have an internal threaded taper which allows you to screw the ferrule onto the matching taper of a wooden tool handle. The tool handle must have a hole drilled into the center of it to accept the tool and allows you to adjust the length of the "stick out".

There are locking screws in the ferrules which are screwed down to lock the tool to the handle. By adjusting the length of the "stick out" you can obtain the right balance for the tool making it easier to use and manipulate.

If the ferrule ever loosens on the handle, simply twist it futher onto the taper and it will be securely locked in place again.

Is there any trick to turning the Taper?

A template can be purchased to assist in getting the correct taper. Another important insight is that the length of the taper on the handle should be 1/4" longer than the length of the taper inside the Thread-Lok™ ferrule. This ensures you have plenty of "room" for further tightenings should your ferrule come loose.

Why buy a Template?

This allows you to quickly and easily turn the matching taper on your handle in order to accept the Thread-Lok™ ferrule.

As it is purchased separately, you only need to purchase it once for each size of Thread-Lok™ ferrule size you purchase. This means you don't have to pay for something you may already have.

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