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  • Part No. 2XXX - 2000 Series Lathe


Item No.

Distance Between Centers

Overall Length Swing Over Bed Weight (Approx.)
2436 36" 60" 24" 850 lbs.
2416 16" 40" 24" 800 lbs.
2036 36" 60" 20" 650 lbs.
2016 16" 40" 20" 600 lbs.

The Drive

AC Electronic Variable

0 - 3000 RPM with Full Speed Reverse

- Drive packages are fully electronic with speed from 0 - 3000 RPM

- 1.5, 2 & 3 Horse Power motors are available.  Excellent torque is available at as low as 30 RPM with brute force available at as little as 100 RPM

- Speed ranges are 20 - 800/190 - 1900/305 - 3050.  Changing range is easy and can be completed in under 1 minute

- Drive motor is mounted directly below the headstock in a base housing welded to the bed tube

- Drive pulleys are 3 step 10 groove poly V

- Controller comes programmed ready for use with built-in ramp up/ramp down and dynamic braking.  It’s a top quality drive, 220 volt, single phase AC - the very best we could find

- Drive controls are mounted on a swinging pendant which can be moved to the headstock or tailstock for easy and safe reach at all times

- Lathe runs extremely quiet

The Bed

- Bedways and ribs are welded to a 10¾” dia. by 5/16” wall tube. The assembly is stress relieved and precision machined. Almost perfect torsional rigidity is achieved many times more so than twin tube or cast iron bed designs.

The Spindle

- The spindle nose, which holds the front bearings, protrudes approximately 3” in front of the headstock allowing easy tool maneuvering when working on the backside of a plate or bowl.

- The thread is M33 x 3.5 with a groove machined for a lock screw to allow full power forward and reverse turning. This design contributes to the safety of this machine as it eliminates the possibility of chucks or faceplates accidentally unscrewing form the spindle.

- The spindle is the cartridge type and can be pulled fully assembled from the headstock by removing six bolts. If a belt ever needs to be changed, it should take less than ten minutes by even the most novice mechanic.

The Headstock

- Features a three bearing spindle. At the front, one angular contact bearing is locked to the shaft with a clamp ring and lock nut. This minimizes radial and axial play of the spindle. The rear bearings float axially to allow for heat expansion. All bearings are maintenance free and lubricated for life.

- 6 position spindle lock and 7½° (48 position) indexing is standard (96 position is an available option).

- The spindle is 50 mm (2”) at max dia., 16” long and bored thru 5/8” dia. with a number 2 Morse taper at the inboard. It is made from high alloy steel hardened and ground to precision tolerance of ±0.0003”.

The Tailstock

- The Tailstock has an 1½” diameter quill with 4” travel.

- The lead screw is a ¾” diameter 6 pitch acme thread and the barrel has a 3½” bearing length.

- The 5” handwheel and high lead on this screw allows rapid in and out feeds for drilling.

- Precision design and a #3 Morse Taper for the use of stronger live centers and larger drills.

- Super rigid Tailstock clamp is designed to eliminate flexing under clamp pressure. This ensures that the clamp holds firmly while requiring no adjustment for the life of the lathe and will retain the ease of movement of the Tailstock along the bed.

- Through hole is 5/16” (8 mm) dia. for lamp base and similar drilling to be carried out.

- Handled for easy removal and adjustments.

Banjo / Toolrest Base

- The Banjo is a radical new design that assures even, powerful locking anywhere on the bed (Patented)*. The sliding cam is supported by a cam support block which rests on a ledge machined in the toolrest base.

Note: Also available as an aftermarket item to upgrade your flatbed lathe. See Page 15.

The Toolrest

- Made from ductile iron, it is stronger and lasts longer than cast iron. It is suitable for under and overhanded grips. It is 14” long with a 1” diameter post.

Part No. 2XXX - 2000 Series Lathe

  • Product Code: 2000
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  • $6,776.95

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